FRAMOS becomes corporate member of Embedded Vision Alliance -

FRAMOS becomes corporate member of Embedded Vision Alliance

FRAMOS recently joined the Embedded Vision Alliance as a corporate member. The Embedded Vision Alliance is a worldwide industry partnership bringing together technology providers and end-product companies who are enabling innovative and practical applications for computer vision for a wide range of markets. In light of the growing importance of truly integrated vision systems, FRAMOS looks forward to collaborating with the Alliance to gain early insights into new markets, technologies, applications and standards, as well as increased influence over the direction of the industry.

FRAMOS enables machines to see and think. Intelligent devices and machines are placing new demands on embedded image processing capabilities and systems. Whether it’s driverless cars, intelligent vacuum cleaners or robots interacting as colleagues in industrial production – only fully integrated vision systems can make them effective.

Whether it’s about selecting individual components or complex system compositions for embedded vision, FRAMOS engineers support system developers with both technical expertise and services. Ranging from sensors to systems, their engineering services help in choosing the right components, customizing solutions or developing specific solutions for embedded vision systems. FRAMOS assists as a partner at every point in the value-added chain from the decision-making processes up to the finished product.

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