Franchise brings wireless switching -

Franchise brings wireless switching

Basingstoke, UK — TDC (Telecom Design Communications) has signed a franchise agreement with EnOcean, developers of a technology that enables radio transmission without batteries or external power supply.

TDC will be able to supply patented controllers that provide on/off control, temperature and dimmer controls with small, ultra-low power and power independent modules. These sensor transmitters, maintenance-free switches and receivers will be suitable for use in applications as diverse as wire-free light control, dimmers and thermostatic controls, security and telemetry.

The EnOcean products provide flexibility as no cabling is required, a switch can be positioned any area of a wall.

The technology originated from developments in the central research department of Siemens. When a switch is pressed, the mechanical energy is converted to electricity. A transmitter then sends a radio signal to a receiver that then activates a light. This technology can either be used to power a single switch or a network of switches. An embedded identifying code in each radio transmission enables each switch to operate, eliminating interference between switches.

The EnOcean radio switches emit 100 times less intense high frequency fields than conventional light switches. In residential areas, the intensity of the short-time high-frequency emission of the radio switches is up to 10,000 times lower than that of the permanent high-frequency emission of cellular phone network.

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