Free CD tutorial may help overcome measurement problems -

Free CD tutorial may help overcome measurement problems


Cleveland, Ohio—Once again, test-and-measurement house Keithley Instruments, Inc . is offering an interactive tutorial CD-ROM disk that can help you overcome tough measurement challenges.

The firm's newest Simplified Test Toolkit CD offers a collection of useful technical seminars to help create test-and-measurement applications. This CD is available free of charge. Click here to get your copy.

The technical seminars in the Simplified Test Toolkit CD include topics such as Software-Defined Radio Architectures , and Next-Generation RF Instrumentation . Other topics include titles such as Meeting New Challenges in Wafer Level Reliability Testing , Making Successful Electrical Measurements on Nanoscale Materials and Devices , and Advances in Testing: The Advantages of On-Board Test Sequencing .

Equipment Info

As you'd expect, the Simplified Test Toolkit CD also includes technical presentations on Keithley's own test-and-measurement systems, including its Series 2600 SourceMeter instruments, the Model 4200-SCS Semiconductor Characterization System with pulse I-V capabilities, the Series 3400 Pulse/Pattern Generators , the Model 2810 RF Vector Signal Analyzer, and the Model 2910 RF Vector Signal Generator.

For information on any of these wares, or to request a copy of the Simplified Test Toolkit CD, visit Keithley's Web site.

Or, contact the company at Keithley Instruments, Inc., 28775 Aurora Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 44139-1891. Phone: 800-688-9951 or 440-248-0400. Fax: 440-248-6168. E-mail:

Keithley Instruments , 800-688-9951,

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