Free Compiler/Simulator available for SEAforth multicores -

Free Compiler/Simulator available for SEAforth multicores


Cupertino, Ca. – IntellaSys Corp. has just made available, for freeto registered users, a freshly minted compiler/simulator to support itsrecently introduced SEAforth multicore processors for embeddedapplications.

The T18 compiler/simulator, available for download from thecompany's web site, is being demonstrated this week (10-09-06) at the FallProcessor Forum in San Jose, Ca.

According to Chet Brown, president and CEO of IntellaSys,the new compiler/simulator uses a test crawler to completely tour all24 cores on a single chip and rapidly perform extensive processing oneach.

He said testingmulticore solutions requires new approaches to high-speed testing,and that the crawler technique is just one of the methods his firm isusing to validate the performance of SEAforth multicore devices. Thesimulated crawler program is included with the free download of the T18so that registered users can immediately operate the simulator withouthaving to write their own program.

Formally launched earlier this year, the SEAforth family ofmulticores employs a dual-stack architecture that is both asynchronousand scalable. In the architecture, RAM and ROM are included on eachcore (64 words each) to break the memory bottleneck as well as a flashmemory interface to ripple-load application code into cores at boot.

A static/dynamic RAM interface is incorporated to facilitate commondata memory access and inclusion of 18-bit A/D and 9-bit D/A converterseliminates the need for external data conversion. A key part of themulticore offering is the company's VentureForth software (RISCderivative of Forth) and the Forthlet Code Library.

Unlike conventional code libraries that require linking the entirelibrary into the applications program if just one routine is used, saidBrown, the Forthlet Library links only the routines used. In thissystem, there is no penalty for building a large, comprehensivelibrary.

Routines in the Forthlet Code Library take the form of Forthlet codeobjects that can be moved around the chip from core to core to dospecial processing. Forthlets are the basic building blocks of code onthe SEA Platform. They are used in the ROM BIOS in each core, and inthe library of pre-coded functions. Even the user written program takesthe form of a large Forthlet code object that calls the others.

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