Free kits ease ASIC design -

Free kits ease ASIC design


CAMPBELL, Calif — ASIC supplier MOSIS has signed a deal which enables it to provide foundry design kits from Tanner EDA free of charge to its customers. The kits enable engineers to move easily between different process technologies without having to create new process set-ups every time.

MOSIS (Marina del Rey, Calif) is a provider of low-cost prototyping and small volume production services for custom application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) The kits are available for TSMC, AMS, AMIS and IBM processes down to 0.13 micron and include layer set ups, design rule and extraction definition files, paramaterisable cells, and schematic and physical libraries of standard devices.

MOSIS estimates that Tanner EDA tools have been used to create over 30 per cent of the 50,000 designs so far processed by customers via its multi-project wafer (MPW) service. This service enables several customers to share the total cost of a wafer lot, with each paying a proportion based on the physical area used by their design.

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