Free Linux CD eases development with LPC3131 development kit -

Free Linux CD eases development with LPC3131 development kit


LONDON — A Timesys Corp. LinuxLink Development Center CD is to be included with Embedded Artists AB's LPC3131 developer's kits, providing a free 30-day trial version of LinuxLink as well as full access to a set of Linux training and educational resources.

The Embedded Artists (Malm, Sweden) LPC3131 developer's kit enables quick-start development of a product based around the LPC3131 microcontroller and the LinuxLink solution could accelerate the development and debug of a Linux platform.

The kit comprises an OEM board and a base board. The OEM board is equipped with NXP's ARM926EJ-S based LPC3131 microcontroller.

Timesys (Pittsburgh, PA) provides a solution for customers developing embedded Linux-based products for a range of applications, including industrial control systems, medical devices, consumer products and networking equipment.

Besides the LinuxLink software development framework, customers receive full access to in-depth technical support from the Timesys team of Linux engineers, who assist customers in all phases of their product lifecycle, including development, debug, deployment and maintenance.

If customers need additional assistance with specific development programs, they can engage with Timesys' Professional Services team to develop the software for all or part of a Linux-based product.

The LinuxLink software development framework allows engineers to build custom Linux-based products for the variety of markets and applications targeted by the LPC3000 family. Customers can choose from the latest GNU-based toolchains enabled with uClibc and glibc libraries optimized for the ARM926EJ-S core. Using LinuxLink, customers select from hundreds of packages and middleware for their custom root file system. Newer versions of Linux components, including the Linux kernel, toolchain, packages and middleware, will be available in LinuxLink as they become available from the open source community and from NXP.

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