Free webinar on complexities, subtleties of LED-based lighting -

Free webinar on complexities, subtleties of LED-based lighting

Everyone is interested in efficiency and power savings, and the increased availability of higher-performance, lower-cost LEDs is making them a very viable choice for illumination of small and large areas.

Though LEDs are just “simple” diodes, using them effectively is not a trivial design undertaking. Engineers looking to use LEDs must consider multiple electrical, optical, and thermal perspectives:

* Should you use one larger LED or an array of several smaller ones, for the overall illumination needed?
* For multiple LEDs, should they be wired in series, parallel, or some combination?
* Depending on the chosen LED-array wiring topology, what sort of DC/DC driver is needed? Should you use one or multiple drivers?
* What if you need to dim the LEDs? That affects the driver you choose.
* Thermal concerns are paramount, as LEDs don’t radiate their heat, they retain it in the die; how will you dissipate this heat, which degrades performance and severely shortens their life?

* Optical performance: In addition to basic electrical-to-optical efficiency, do you know what efficacy is and how it affects your LED selection? What about other optical issues such as color (wavelength), consistency across multiple LEDs, color shifts with temperature and aging, and other factors?

Whether you are actively involved in LED lighting projects, or just want to keep up with the technology, you can attend a convenient, live one-hour webinar where you'll get insight into these issues. You'll hear from a panel of experts, and also be able to ask questions (and even if there is no time to answer them all during the event, the panel promises to answer them afterwards).

Register now for this free editorial webinar (Thursday, Oct 3, at 9 am Pacific/12 pm ET).

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