Freebie IVI drivers to ease data conversion, synthetic instrumentation -

Freebie IVI drivers to ease data conversion, synthetic instrumentation


Monroe, New York—Data conversion product vendor Acqiris , introduces a range of class-compliant IVI (Interchangeable Virtual Instrument) drivers. These support the company's range of digitizers (see Related Stories list below for some typical products).

The IVI drivers, available at no charge, provide a set of standard commands for a given class of instruments. That can simplify programming and instrument swapping among data conversion products. Developed mainly for ATE (automated test equipment) users, the drivers comply with IVI-4.1 (IviScope Class) specifications.

Support For Synthetic Instruments

These specs are designed to support typical oscilloscopes, as well as common extended functions found in more complex data acquisition instruments, such as synthetic instrumentation. Specifically, the drivers can be used in conjunction with the specifications outlined in the IVI-4.1 IviScopeWaveformMeasurement and IviScopeAverageAcquisition extension groups.

The new drivers support all major test platforms supported by Acqiris, including PCI, PXI, CompactPCI , and VXI , facilitating hardware independence without re-writing software. They are also implemented as a Microsoft COM -based (Component Object Model) IVI-COM driver that enables the drivers to operate seamlessly in numerous IDE s (integrated development environments). An IVI-C interface on the drivers supports additional hardware and software compatibility.

The IVI standard, supported and maintained by the IVI Foundation, builds on top of the VISA (Virtual Instrument Software Architecture) layer. The aim of IVI is to impart a degree of instrument interchangeability, instrument simulation and, in some cases, higher performance. The Acqiris IVI drivers help foster the commitment of instrument manufacturers to industry standards.

Acqiris is in the process of registering the new driver with the IVI Foundation. On the completion of this process (approximately one to two months), the driver will be downloadable from Acqiris's Web site.

For more information contact Klaas Vogel at Acqiris USA, PO Box 2203, 234 Cromwell Hill Road, Monroe, New York 10950. Phone: 877-227-4747. Fax 845-782-4745. E-mail:

Acqiris USA , 877-227-4747,

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