Freebie Linux toolkit puts data-acq in Mathworks Simulink -

Freebie Linux toolkit puts data-acq in Mathworks Simulink

Canton, Mass.—With the release of its free PowerDAQ-for-Simulink Toolkit , data-acquisition and control hardware and software supplier United Electronic Industries (UEI) announces that its PCI/PXI data-acquisition cards now support the Mathworks 's popular Simulink programming tools. These tools are for HIL (hardware-in-the-loop) and rapid-prototyping applications.

A word about Simulink. It’s an extension to the Mathworks’s popular MatLab program. It uses an icon-driven interface for the construction of a block diagram representation of a process. The icons represent possible inputs to a system, parts of systems, or outputs of a system. Simulink lets you simulate systems of linear and nonlinear ordinary differential equations.

Linux PC Hosted

UEI's PowerDAQ-for-Simulink Toolkit enables any Simulink model to be downloaded to a Linux -based target PC, and enables the model to run with UEI's I/O boards. The toolkit lets you configure and use the hardware within a Simulink model, generate C source code using the Mathworks's RealTime Workshop , and compile and run the entire model on a dedicated Linux machine.

The toolkit supports running Simulink models on standard Linux targets and on Linux targets enhanced with FSMLabs 's RTLinuxPro 2.2 hard-realtime extensions.

Best Price And Instant Availability

PowerDAQ for Simulink Toolkit is available free for the downloading.

United Electronic Industries, Inc., 611 Neponset St, Canton, Mass. 02021. Phone: 781-821-2890. Fax: 781-821-2891.

United Electronic Industries , 781-821-2890,

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