Freescale and MIPS processors get JTAG and flash support -

Freescale and MIPS processors get JTAG and flash support


JTAG debug and flash programming support is now available from Macraigor Systems for several of Freescale's PowerPC and MIPS Technologies' 64-bit processors. This includes the Freescale MPC5200 rev. B processor and the 3xx PowerQUICC II Pro family.

Full JTAG Debugging and control of these processors will be supported by all Macraigor debug solutions when used with the OCDemon family of products. In addition, Macraigor’s flash programming application has been updated to support Freescale's MPC5500 and MAC71xx families, and MIPS 5kc-based 64-bit processors, including the Phillips PR1900, the Toshiba TX49 series, and the Broadcom BCM1250 and BCM1125.

Macraigor has also added support for these processors to the free, pre-built GNU tools suite to include sample configurations for standard evaluation boards. These examples contain source, gdbinit, and make files for each board.

Debug application programs are available to support an embedded project through the entire development cycle, from troubleshooting a prototype hardware design to writing and debugging boot code, programming in-circuit flash devices, developing application-level software, and supporting manufacturing burn-in and testing. For more information, visit

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