Freescale announces power-efficient 64-bit ARM processor for the 'virtual network' -

Freescale announces power-efficient 64-bit ARM processor for the ‘virtual network’

Freescale Semiconductor has introduced the QorIQ LS1043A Layerscape communications processor, which the company touts as the industry’s most power-efficient 64-bit ARM processor for the new virtual network, which enables edge network equipment manufacturers to scale power and performance to meet the changing needs of highly virtualized, software-defined networks.

The fanless QorIQ LS1043A processor delivers 1.5 GHz of performance and requires power as low as just 6W to operate. Integrating four ARM Cortex-A53 cores, the LS1043A processor delivers more than 10Gbps of performance and more than 16,000 CoreMarks of CPU performance with 64-bit ARM processing efficiency.

For maximum configuration flexibility the LS1043A includes high speed I/Os for both wired and wireless systems including 10GbE plus 5x 1GbE, 3x PCI Express, 3x USB 3.0 with PHYs, and SATA 3.0. Freescale’s multi-protocol QUICC EngineTM module is also incorporated for integrated support of legacy wide area and industrial interfaces.

Freescale an active member in the Linaro open source software for ARM organization including the Linaro Networking Group where programs such as OpenDataPlane are underway to promote a standard API to support a cross-platform interfaces for different networking data path hardware.

Evaluation kits include a Linux 3.12 BSP with optimized drivers to support peripherals, and a six-month evaluation license for CodeWarrior development tools. Freescale’s VortiQa software provides complete software stacks for enterprise and SDN, Security, AIS application identification software for SMB networking applications, security appliances and cloud equipment.

Samples of the LS1043A communications processor will be available in 1Q15.

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