Freescale bets on 64-bits with “router-on-a-chip” -

Freescale bets on 64-bits with “router-on-a-chip”

Freescale Semiconductor has just introduced four new QorIQ T1 and T2 64-bit communications processors, including the quad-core T1040 “router on a chip”, which the company is claiming is the industry's first 64-bit embedded processor to integrate a gigabit Ethernet switch.

Built using Freescale’s PowerArchitecture technology, the new devices are aimed at entry-level to mid-range networking, printing and security device applications. The T1 includes dual- and quad-core devices, and the T2 family includes eight-virtual-core devices, with a range of performance spanning from 1.2 GHz to 1.8 GHz per core.

In addition to the T1040, Freescale also introduced the T1020, which incorporates two cores and an Ethernet switch, the dual core T1022, as well as the eight virtual-core T2081, which is based on the Power Architecture e6500 core. All parts are pin compatible.

The T1/T2 devices integrate a combination of programmable and fixed processing units, including enhancements to Freescale’s data path acceleration architecture with integrated fixed-functions and networking offload, pattern matching and security capabilities.

In addition to an on-chip Ethernet router, the T1040 incorporates four processor cores, a DPAA engine, and a QUICC engine block. Source: Freescale.

The new T1040 and T1020 products include all of the features and attributes of Freescale's previously announced T1042 device, including the firm's DPAA engine, a QUICC engine block to support a rich set of protocols, shared virtualization technology and next-generation security features. Scalable performance spans from 1.2 GHz to 1.4 GHz and a power management system enables deep sleep mode for fanless, energy-efficient designs, according to the firm.

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