Freescale debuts auto motor control dev kits -

Freescale debuts auto motor control dev kits

At the SAE Convergence in Detroit, Mich., this week Freecale Semiconductor introduced a new series of motor control development kits, featuring an integrated automotive permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) or brushless DC (BLDC) motor control functionality.

The first development kits in the series feature Freescale’s Qorivva 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) built on Power Architecture technology and includes hardware and software that help reduce the time needed to develop automotive motor control applications such as HVAC blowers, electric power steering, engine cooling fans, fuel, water and oil pumps and wipers.

The initial motor control development kits are powered by the Qorivva 32-bit based MPC560xP, MPC564xL and MPC560xB MCUss and feature motor control peripherals such as FlexPWM, CTU, ADC and eTimer modules.

Also included are a three-phase low-voltage power stage board with the MC33937A FET pre-driver and motor control application software available in source code, based on the Automotive Math and Motor Control Library Set.

Freescale plans to extend the series over the course of the next 12 months to include additional Qorivva kits as well as kits based on the S12 and S12 MagniV 16-bit mixed-signal MCU product lines.

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