Freescale goes after IoT designers with toolkit -

Freescale goes after IoT designers with toolkit

TAIPEI, Taiwan –With engineers in short supply, and with the most experienced Internet of Things (IoT) designers commanding top salaries when they can be found, Freescale has attempted to lower the expertise bar for developing context-aware applications by offering an open-source toolkit called its intelligent sensing framework (ISF) Computex. The Xtrinsic ISF makes it easier for designers to differentiate IoT devices by simplifying the backend work of collecting and fusing sensor data for context-aware use cases.

“Sensor fusion remains important, but is no longer enough alone is not enough anymore for context-aware connected devices,” said Babak Taheri, vice president and general manager of Freescale’s sensor and actuator solutions division. “Developers need an open platform that enables data fusion and facilitates the creation of differentiated, context-aware devices that drive the Internet of Things.”

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