Freescale IoT on display at ARM Techcon -

Freescale IoT on display at ARM Techcon

Attendees at the ARM TechCon will have a rare opportunity to see the Internet of Things (IoT) in action on the exhibit floor. Many of the exhibitors will have IoT-related items on display, of course, but one in particular stands out. Freescale Semiconductor's “Internet of Tomorrow” exhibit promises to be a show stopper, and IoT World has an exclusive preview.

Freescale, which is the sponsor for IoT World, has been intimately involved in the IoT from edge device to the core of the network. Its products include microcontrollers, sensors, and RF for IoT devices, microprocessors for software-defined networking in the core and cloud, and gateways in between. All of these will be in evidence at ARM TechCon.

At the Freescale booth, No. 500, will be the IoT Wall, showcasing the use of Freescale's technology in numerous prototypes and production designs from its customers. The offerings are grouped along application lines such as telehealth, smart homes, and smart energy. There will be plenty of folks there to answer questions and walk you through the various demonstrations.

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