Freescale shows off IoT gateway in a box platform -

Freescale shows off IoT gateway in a box platform

At the Freescale Technology Forum  this week the company showed off what it says is the hardware platform that will form the foundation of  what it is calling a one box IoT Gateway for speeding up and securing the necessary Web services on the Cloud

Featured prominently in today’s opening session at the 2014 FTF, the IoT gateway is a flexible hardware platform to be equipped with multi-party software, and engineered to support the secure delivery of IoT services to end-users in a home, business or other location; thereby supporting the rapid deployment of a vast array of innovative IoT services.

It uses an i.MX 6 applications processor built on the ARM Cortex-A9 core and runs the new Oracle Java SE Embedded and is, said Geoff Lees, senior vice president and general manager of Freescale’s Microcontroller business, suitable for basic networking and sensor connectivity. It incorporates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth low energy and 802.15.4 wireless interfaces. The initial platform also includes Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded to accrelerate quick reactions at the gateway level, as well as ARM Sensinode NanoServices software.

He said the platform’s demonstration represents a significant milestone in Freescale’s one box initiative. “Working with Oracle and ARM, Freescale developed this initiative to focus on the creation of a secure, standardized and open infrastructure model for the delivery of IoT services,” he said..

According to Lees, the concept combines standards-based, end-to-end software with a converged IoT gateway design to establish a common, open framework for secured IoT service delivery and management. “A 'box' (or service gateway) built on the platform can consolidate boxes from multiple IoT service providers into a single, unified appliance that can support multiple service providers,” he said.

Freescale plans to offer the new platform in Q4 2014 with a software suite that integrates and pre-validates security and connectivity components. A version of the IoT gateway platform built on QorIQ LS series processors will be available in Q4 2014. It will offer gigabit line rate Ethernet and PCIe connectivity, as well as additional wireless connectivity options including 4G/LTE and 802.11ac for edge nodes requiring high-speed data transport and efficient packet routing.

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