French researchers expand complex signal work -

French researchers expand complex signal work

LONDON — The French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) Laboratories in Paris have taken delivery of an advanced signal analysis system from RF Engines Limited (RFEL).

The hardware and firmware based system developed by RFEL (Isle of Wight, England) consists of a digital receiver architecture, capable of detecting and characterising signals with a broad range of different modulation schemes and durations.

This work follows on from an earlier evaluation of RF Engines’ Pipelined Frequency Transform (PFT) demonstration system by the CEA. The latest test system is to be used to acquire and investigate complex signals from across a 25MHz bandwidth in real-time, and uses a combination of frequency measurement techniques to acquire the signal from a noisy signal environment and to assist in the characterisation of the modulation type.

A follow-on contract will provide the automatic selection of the resolution bandwidth appropriate to the required signals, and this is likely to utilise the simultaneous multi-resolution capability of the PFT.

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