Frequency-domain DSP is radiation-hardened -

Frequency-domain DSP is radiation-hardened


Vancouver, Wash. – Digital Signal Processing Architectures Inc. has begun shipping a radiation-hardened version of its frequency-domain digital signal processor. The RHDSP can perform a 1,024-point complex fast Fourier transform in 16.5 microseconds, continuously. It is manufactured at Honeywell's Plymouth, Minn., fab using its 0.35-micron silicon-on-insulator V rad-hard four-layer metal process. The RHDSP24 breaks the computational bottlenecks associated with real-time DSP, with the additional benefit of radically reduced software overhead. The most demanding DSP tasks, such as frequency-domain digital filtering, are reduced to less than a dozen RHDSP24 machine instructions.

Applications include fast Fourier transforms, software radio and spread-spectrum processing. The DSP IC is packaged in a 472-pin column grid array and is available in extended temperature ranges.

Radiation-hardened versions of the RHDSP24 are available in as little as three weeks ARO, depending on quantity, customer specifications and other requirements. The price is $39,900 per chip in single-piece quantities. Commercial-equivalent chips are available for prototyping and are priced at $500 to $1,500 each, depending on quantity, performance and temperature grade. Delivery is two to three weeks ARO.

The RHDSP24 engine is available for licensing as a core cell, complete with Core Cell design kit and technical support from DSP Architectures. A third-party board-level development system, based on the DSP24 and MMU24 (DSP Architectures' companion memory management unit), is available from Valley Technologies Inc. at

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