Fresco browser integrated with Intent platform -

Fresco browser integrated with Intent platform

In a strategic partnership, ANT and Tao have integrated ANT's Fresco browser to Tao's Intent platform product, which runs on a range of devices including set top boxes (STBs), interactive digital TVs (iDTVs), personal digital assistants (PDA's) and smart phones.

The agreement extends the range of multimedia functionality, applications and content that Tao is able to deliver and makes it easier for ANT's OEM customers to use Fresco in a Java environment.

Intent is a binary portable platform, compatible across a range of processors and RTOSs. Third-party applications integrated into the Intent infrastructure essentially become plug-in components, capable of being run anywhere that intent is deployed. Fresco has been fully integrated within Tao's platform, alongside other multimedia solutions.

ANT Fresco is a highly functional, platform independent browser, specifically designed for digital TV and other consumer electronics appliances. The core browser code resides within ANT's patent-pending, three-layer software architecture, which consists of a portability environment to manage the interface to the hardware platform, an applications layer to house the browser core and other applications, and a graphical user interface layer to enable customisation.

Since ANT and Tao have already completed the integration work of Fresco with Intent, ANT customers choosing to use Tao's platform will not have to do any additional porting work for Fresco.

There is also access to a range of ready-ported content, applications and functionality through Tao's other strategic technology partnerships and members of OCPA, such as gaming engines, input method technologies, sound engines, databases and file viewers.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) April 2002

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