Fresco variant requires fewer resources -

Fresco variant requires fewer resources

Cambridge, UK — ANT has extended its browser technologies for embedded devices to include Fresco Lite. This lightweight version of the ANT Fresco browser has been developed in response to the changing needs of digital TV content providers and set-top-box manufacturers.

Channel operators who provide operator-controlled services to customers increasingly wish to use HTML technologies, but have no desire to support general Internet browsing. Fresco Lite, a feature reduced and memory optimised version of the ANT Fresco browser, provides essential HTML features without the overhead of extended standards.

This Fresco Lite browser requires minimal platform resources and can reside in as little as 500Kb flash memory. It is targeted at service operators for displaying electronic programme guides (EPGs) and STB user interfaces on top of video, as well as operator-controlled services including Interactive-TV content and one-to-one communication with customers.

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