Fridge recall not linked to U.K. explosion -

Fridge recall not linked to U.K. explosion

LONDON — Samsung is today due to announce the European part of its plans to repair around 400,000 fridges world-wide.

In May the Express & Star newspaper in Wolverhampton, U.K. reported that a Samsung fridge-freezer “exploded ‘like an earthquake’ in a Black Country home, smashing windows and doors and ripping holes in the ceiling.”

A family of six were all reportedly unhurt despite extensive damage to the property. A broken thermostat on the four-year-old appliance had been repaired four days earlier.

Yesterday The Korea Herald reported that the home appliance and consumer electronics firm was to provide repair services for 210,000 refrigerators sold in Korea, citing defects in their defrost systems. A similar number of refrigerators in Europe are also to be recalled.

The Korean paper reported that “Samsung's massive recall came after news reports that a Samsung refrigerator exploded in a home in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, on Oct. 10.”

It also said that a Samsung spokesperson said the cause of the incident in the United Kingdom, which happened just four days after the product had been repaired, has not been identified.

Samsung will recall some models of SRT, SRS and SRN series, which were manufactured between March 2005 and June 2006. As a precautionary measure, Samsung will also include refrigerators with a similar defrost system that were not made during the period.

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