From 3-D chips to cognitive computing -

From 3-D chips to cognitive computing

EE Times is celebrating its 40th anniversary, with special articles to celebrate the innovators who made the electronics industry what it is today, as well as the visionaries who are taking it forward. Look for more stories and a special section, coming soon.

We picked ten technologies representative of trends which we expect will redefine our industry in an increasingly interactive world. Admittedly, there are dozens of other examples we could have chosen with equal validity. We welcome your comments on our choices.

A few software-related trends were included because they are enabled by electronic technologies. We intentionally resisted including the deluge of “social media” and related trends that are merely popular uses of electronic devices.

Some of the predictions are controversial — such as “Death of the PC” — but please try to be tolerant. Remember that few agree on the shape of the future, except perhaps that it will mostly include revolutionary changes nobody predicted.

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