Frontier Silicon cuts power with tri-band DAB/FM tuner module -

Frontier Silicon cuts power with tri-band DAB/FM tuner module

London — Frontier Silicon has launched Venice 3 FS2023, an low power tri-band DAB digital radio receiver module which also integrates an FM radio receiver with RDS in the same chip.

Frontier (Watford UK) says the power consumption of the new module is less than half of existing solutions, enabling up to 60 hours of battery life ina portable DAB radio. System cost can also be reduced as no extra components are required to implement FM/RDS, and no additional microprocessor is required to implement high-end radio features such as the 'DABplus' electronic program guide and rewind radio.

Electrically and mechanically compatible with previous generations of the Venice module family, manufacturers can easily upgrade earlier product designs for use in new geographical regions. For example, products developed for the UK based on Venice 1 can be updated with Venice 3 to support L-band for regions such as The Netherlands, Germany and Italy, or versatile new features can also be easily added.

The Venice 3 module is based on the Frontier Silicon's Chorus processor, which has shipped over two million devices and is driving the growth of DAB digital radio in Europe. Chorus is a single chip digital radio baseband IC optimised for Eureka 147 and capable of decoding multiple DAB services simultaneously. Chorus is architected to allow it to receive DAB services while running other processor-intensive applications to allow the implementation of value added features such as DABplus, the user interface and advanced data service decoding.

Venice 3 integrates the Chorus baseband processor with an optimised RF front-end and boot Flash plus stereo DAC to receive signals in the Band II, Band III and L-Band frequencies; in addition, FM/RDS software allows the module to function as an FM radio receiver without the need for a separate FM tuner chip. The FM user interface provides access to all RDS specific features.

The integrated DAB/FM/RDS module can be configured either in master or slave mode, which means that it can be used to create a fully-featured radio by simply adding power source, antenna, and LCD keypad, or an external microcontroller can be used to control it using a choice of industry standard serial protocols. With the flexible RF connector options in Venice 3, manufacturers can position the RF module close to the antenna, giving them complete flexibility in product development and design.

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