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FSMLabs to integrate the Visual SlickEdit Development Workbench


SlickEdit Inc., provider of a multilanguage integrated development environment (IDE) and code editors, and FSMLabs, Inc., provider of RTLinux and RTCore BSD hard real-time operating systems, jointly announced that the Visual SlickEdit development workbench will be integrated into the RTLinux Pro Developer Kit 2.0 as the default IDE.

Visual SlickEdit provides code editing and build capabilities for the FSMLabs development tool chain and a base for remote and local debugging, including software and JTAG debug. The FSMLabs RTLinux Development Kit, powered by Visual SlickEdit, is an embedded Linux cross-development environment with the hard real-time RTCore operating system and a ruggedized version of the Linux kernel. The kit includes compilers, tools and a debugger to help reduce programming cycles for developing hard-real-time software applications, thereby freeing up time for new development.

RTLinuxPro is used in satellite controllers, telescopes, jet engine test stands, routers and computer graphics. FSMLabs' hard-real-time operating system runs on high-end clusters of P4 and Athlon processors, as well as low-power devices such as the MPC860, Elan 520 and ARM7.

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