Fujitsu expands FM3 MCU family -

Fujitsu expands FM3 MCU family


Fujitsu Semiconductor has added 64 devices to its FM3 family of 32-bit RISC microcontrollers based on the ARM Cortex-M3 processor core and include 54 products from the High-Performance MB9B610/510/410/310/210/110 series and 10 Ultra-Low-Leak devices.

The MB9Bx10 High-Performance series MCUs, which are designed for processor-intensive system controllers and communications-oriented systems, include a two-channel Ethernet MAC support along with multiple CAN and USB interfaces. The devices integrate multiple inverter controls for precise, high-speed motor control along with support for other safety features including those that meet the IEEE1588 requirements for time-synched communication in an automated factory setting.
The devices, which operate at up to 144MHz core clock speeds, support up to 1MB high-speed flash memory and up to 128KB RAM. Various configurations support 1ch or 2ch Ethernet MAC, USB2.0 host/slave functions, CAN, and up to 3ch inverter control timers. The MCUs are available in LQFP176, LQFP144, and BGA192 packages.
The MB9A130 Ultra-Low-Leak series MCUs are optimized for battery-powered applications and use a power-gating technologies developed by Fujitsu and provide support for voltage ranges from 1.8V to 5.5V.
Six additional intelligent power-saving features — sleep mode, timer mode, RTC mode, stop mode, deep-standby RTC mode, and deep-standby stop mode — offer extended battery life and lower-power performance. When using RTC mode under date and time management, the controller draws 1.6 microAmps of power.

In deep-standby RTC mode, where power to the flash memory is shut off, the MCU draws 1.2 microAmps. Controllers in this group can operate up to 20MHz core clock, and are available in 64-pin to 48-pin packages with 128KB to 64KB of flash memory and up to 8KB RAM.
The Fujitsu FM3 family – which now number  160 products – combines an ARM Cortex-M3 core with Fujitsu’s secure embedded flash technology, as well as ancillary functions developed for the family of FR microcontrollers.   

The MB9BF618TPMC MCU in the High-Performance Group is available now in sample quantities with small volume pricing starting at $7.88 each. The MB9AF132LPMC in the Ultra-Low-Leak Group is available now in sample quantities with small volume pricing starting at $2.18 each.

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