Fujitsu moves to PCI 3.0 in its Eternus DX 3 disk arrays -

Fujitsu moves to PCI 3.0 in its Eternus DX 3 disk arrays


Fujitsu Limited has selected the PLX ExpressLane PEX8764 switch to deliver high-speed PCIe Gen3 interconnect to the newly released Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX S3 disk arrays.

“The new generation ETERNUS DX disk systems,” said Shigeo Konno, general manager of Storage Systems Business Unit, Fujitsu Limited, “offer a revolutionary performance architecture that delivers a fivefold increase in performance,”

He said the PEX8764’s 64 lanes and 16 ports empower the ETERNUS DX series with high-speed bi-directional PCIe interconnect throughput of 128 GigaBytes per second.

The new Fujitsu ETERNUS DX series includes the scalable entry-level ETERNUS DX100 S3 and DX200 S3 models, and the midrange ETERNUS DX500 S3 and DX600 S3 models.

The upgraded series provides support for data consolidation projects, using integrated unified NAS and SAN connectivity and runs at five times the IOPS, three times the bandwidth and double the bus performance of previous models.

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