Fujitsu selects Wind River FAST for Android testing -

Fujitsu selects Wind River FAST for Android testing


Fujitsu Limited is using Wind River Framework for Automated Software Testing (FAST) to test its next-generation Android smartphones for software quality, performance, and compliance. Wind River FAST for Android is a fully automated software testing solution for Android-based devices that facilitates lower testing costs and faster time-to-market for device manufacturers. 

FAST is a meta-test framework that automates software and system tests and their results for mobile Linux devices. Each individual test framework, test, or application is encapsulated within a “wrapper” script that is executed by FAST during the test run. This wrapper allows the test to be abstracted across multiple product platforms. 


  • Uses either web-based user interface or command-line user interface
  • Includes full Android Compliance Test Suites (CTS)
  • Adds a payload before running tests and removes it after test to maintain a clean image for the next test run
  • Reboots or cycles device power before or after test
  • Accepts existing legacy tests, open source tests, and Wind River–authored tests
  • Includes new tests that you author or that Wind River creates for you
  • Transfers tests and test suites to new product platforms with no changes required to the actual tests
  • Parses and stores results in a MySQL database for access by virtually any powerful reporting tool

Wind River FAST is currently in use to test the next generation of Fujitsu smartphones. These devices will be available to the market later this year. 

For additional information or to evaluate Wind River FAST for Android, visit Wind River's FAST page

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