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Fully-programmable, 300-mA camera flash LED driver fits camera phones

Catalyst Semiconductor's latest LED driver, the CAT3612 is a fully programmable, 300-mA camera flash driver. The device combines the company's flexible 1-Wire EZDim programming with a matched pair of high-power output channels to accommodate the flash brightness requirements of today's high-resolution camera phones.

Housed in a low-profile 3- by 3-mm TDFN package, the CAT3612 reduces system complexity by providing full programmability of all flash functions, including setting enable/disable and brightness level of the flash function from one microcontroller pin.

Designers have maximum control of current and brightness with 32 programmable output power levels for setting flash (strobe) and movie (torch) modes. The CAT3612 offers fine resolution programming (5-mA steps/channel), and dual, tightly matched output channels suit the device for camera flashes using multi-LED modules or single, high-brightness LEDs.

The CAT3612 maximizes battery life with an automatic 1X/1.5X charge pump which delivers up to 90% power efficiency. When disabled, the device enters a current shutdown mode. Protection against short-circuit and thermal overload fault conditions is also included.

For lots of 10,000, the part sells for $1.06. Samples and evaluation kits are available now. More information is available at www.catsemi.com.

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