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FuturePlus Systems and Agilent jointly spin DDR3 tool


Santa Clara, Calif. and Colorado Springs, Colo.—Test-and-measurement partners Agilent Technologies Inc . and FuturePlus Systems Corp . announce a collaborative analysis approach with a toolset for DDR3 (double data rate) memory buses operating at data rates up to 1066-Mtransfers/s.

The collaboratively developed tool combines FuturePlus's FS2350 DDR3 interposer analysis probe and Agilent's 16950B Series logic analyzer modules, reviewed here in November.

This toolset is expected to address growing bus-analysis challenges to designers as ever-faster memory speeds continue to outpace most existing test-and-measurement platforms.

650-ps Data-Valid Windows

For its part, the FuturePlus FS2350 probe provides state analysis and protocol decode, as well as timing analysis at up to 4-GHz. Talk about speed. That will work in systems with typical data-valid windows as narrow as 650-ps.

Agilent's 16950B 68-channel logic analyzer modules provide high sample-rate and deep-memory, with state analysis capture of up to 667-MHz and maximum data rate of 1066-Mbits/s, as well as up to 64 Megs of acquisition memory. The 16950B's performance can validate leading-edge designs using DDR3 and ultra-fast front-side buses.

Greater Memory Depth

Agilent's 16951B 68-channel logic analyzer module offers the same acquisition performance as the 16950B, but also quadruples the industry's maximum memory depth to 256-Msamples. Both of the new modules are designed for use in Agilent's 16900 Series logic-analysis systems.

Price And Availability

The FuturePlus Systems FS2350 Analysis Probe for DDR3 is priced at $40,000. Agilent's 16950B 68-channel logic analyzer starts at $23,500. The Agilent 16951B 68-channel logic analyzer with 256-M memory is priced starting at $65,000.

For more details contact FuturePlus Systems Corp., 6455 N. Union Blvd., Suite 202, Colorado Springs, Colo. 80918-5844. Phone: 719-278-3540.

FuturePlus Systems , 719-278-3540, www.futureplus.com/info

For more information, contact Agilent Technologies Inc., 395 Page Mill Rd., Palo Alto, Calif. 94303. Phone: 800-829-4444. Fax: (650) 752-5300.

Agilent Technologies , 650-752-5000, www.agilent.com/find/logic

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