Gain-programmable ADCs target space-constrained designs -

Gain-programmable ADCs target space-constrained designs


Microchip’s 24-bit MCP356x and 16-bit MCP346x delta-sigma ADC families achieve programmable data rates of up to 153.6 ksamples/s with high accuracy and low noise. Housed in tiny 3×3-mm UQFN-20 packages, the converters are suitable for use in space-constrained applications such as portable instrumentation devices.

Both the 24-bit and 16-bit series offer device variants with one, two, or four differential input channels or two, four, or eight single-ended input channels. All of the converters provide SINAD of 97.2 dB, THD of -116 dBc, and SFDR of 120 dBc (gain = 1X, 4800 sps). Gain is programmable from 0.33X to 64X. Noise specifications for the 24-bit and 16-bit devices are 90 nVRMS (gain = 16X, 12.5 sps) and 3.2 µVRMS (gain = 16X, 9600 sps), respectively.

The 24-bit MCP356x and 16-bit MCP346x converters integrate an internal oscillator, temperature sensor, and burnout sensor detection, as well as a 20-MHz SPI-compatible serial interface. An internal sequencer (scan mode) with multiple monitor channels and a 24-bit timer allow the converters to automatically create conversion loop sequences without requiring MCU communication. All devices are specified over an extended temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.

Prices for the 24-bit converters range from $1.82 to $3.79 in lots of 10,000 units, while the 16-bit converters range from $1.44 to $2.98 in like quantities.

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