Garz & Fricke becomes official Qt Distributor -

Garz & Fricke becomes official Qt Distributor


Garz & Fricke is now an official distributor of The Qt Company and can offer the commercial licenses of the Qt product portfolio bundled with their embedded HMI boards. Customers can take advantage of this partnership as they get consulting from Qt experts and Garz & Fricke system specialists right from the project start and throughout the design and development phase. This partnership allows intense cooperation between all parties involved in a project, thereby an optimized technical support can be offered to address complex technical challenges of customers.

The Qt product portfolio consisting of multi-platform middleware libraries and developer tools simplifies creation of rich GUI applications for both designers and developers on the customized systems offered by Garz & Fricke and allows customers a much quicker time-to-market for their application.

The commercial license enables OEM manufacturers to protect their devices from unwanted access by a so called „Device Lock“, thereby protecting Intellectual Property and increasing device security. By removing typical obligations when using the open source Qt under LGPLv3, such as providing installation rights on devices, the OEM manufacturers have the freedom to use the value-added functionalities and concentrate on the application itself.

Besides the hardware-development and inhouse production, Garz & Fricke is specialized on OS – and graphics-library adoptions. Using Yocto-based Linux and bundled with Qt, Garz & Fricke ships their products in a way that application engineers do not need to worry about the perfect interaction between the OS-drivers and the hardware. Instead our customer can virtually start out-of-the-box and put their main focus on developing their primary application right away.

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