Gateway spans low to mid-range IP networks -

Gateway spans low to mid-range IP networks


The Vega50 6×4 VoIP gateway meets the demand for a broad range of configuration options, from mid-range enterprises to low-cost IP networks. The platform supports up to 24 ports which can be pre-configured in six clusters of four as Basic Rate ISDN, or analog FXS or FXO. Up to 40 different configurations are available.

The architecture is based on VegaStream's proven Vega range of gateways, including the original Vega50 model that's available as either a 4-port BRI or 10-port analog configuration. The 6×4 shares the same set up and table-based dial planner application.

The powerful dial planner software not only makes the decisions about IP routing, but it can also handle presentation and billing information. These functions are important to the service provider. The alternative solutions require the customer to build and maintain complex one-to-one translation tables. More information is available at

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