Gearing up for the big show -

Gearing up for the big show

This is the big week in embedded land. The Embedded Systems Conference invades Moscone Center in San Francisco on Tuesday. A focus on automotive technology includes a Maserati Spyder and a Hummer on the show floor. On Wednesday you can also see a 220-pound Battlebot more or less in action. Dubbed CycloneBot, the robot will be demonstrated in the Altera booth, but only in safe mode.

What's the future of traditional real-time operating systems? That's the question that Jack Ganssle asks this week in Embedded Pulse. The poll queries readers on what sort of operating system they expect to be using in the future, and the results may be worth pondering.

Rev up your understanding of step motor control. Steppers are everywhere, from printers to windshield wipers to video cameras. They are even more ubiquitous than microcontrollers, if that's possible. “Get Your Motor Running” summarizes the terminology associated with step motors, presents enough information to give you a basic understanding of a step motor's elements, and shows you how to control a stepper using a microcontroller or digital signal processor.

And last, a reader steps on the Embedded soapbox to ask, “Why are you still using C?” Then he offers several reasons you should consider using the object-oriented programming features of C++ in your next embedded project.

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