Geensys donates AUTOSAR Builder code to ARTOP user group -

Geensys donates AUTOSAR Builder code to ARTOP user group


LONDON — Geensys AUTOSAR Builder is the first AUTOSAR development tool to provide compliance with ARTOP – the AUTOSAR Tool Platform being established by the ARTOP User Group (ARTOP-UG) and officially launched to the AUTOSAR community on October 27.

Geensys is a founding design member of the ARTOP-UG, a group of licensed users of the AUTOSAR standard with a special interest in AUTOSAR compliant development tools, along with BMW Car IT, Continental and PSA Peugeot Citroen.

ARTOP UG’s aim is to improve the quality and interoperability of AUTOSAR development tools and help eliminate the time lag between the release of new versions of the AUTOSAR standard and the availability of development tools that support the new specifications.

ARTOP-UG plans to create an infrastructure platform of the common base functionality and core features that need to be implemented in all development tools used to design and configure AUTOSAR-compliant systems and ECUs.

To accelerate these aims and objectives, Geensys has donated the code for the AUTOSAR TDK foundation of its AUTOSAR Builder development tool to the ARTOP-UG to form the basis of the ARTOP infrastructure platform, which itself sits on top of the Eclipse environment.

The Geensys donation helps to avoid redundant development of the non-competitive infrastructure platform by different tool vendors and supports a development process that allows for tested tools for all steps of the AUTOSAR methodology.

ARTOP Release 1.0 will provide support for AUTOSAR Release 3.0 although subsequent versions will contain support for other AUTOSAR Metamodel releases as well as support for handling different versions simultaneously. With ARTOP providing the basic building blocks which are typically required for realising AUTOSAR-related development tools, tool vendors can concentrate on developing the differentiating features and functionality of their tools that give them competitive advantage in the market.

AUTOSAR Builder provides an ARTOP-compliant seamless design environment into which a suite of open-interface plug-in tools can be integrated for the creation of automotive electronics systems and ECUs compliant with AUTOSAR Release 3.0.

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