GEMSS project middleware released for general use -

GEMSS project middleware released for general use

LONDON — Grid middleware developed in the EU project GEMSS (Grid Enabled Medical Simulation Services) is now available for general use under an open source licence.

The software can be downloaded from the GEMSS project web-site which is hosted by C&C Research Laboratories, NEC Europe (CCRLE).

The GEMSS software provides secure access to high-performance computing services and was developed to address the needs for improved analysis tools in medical research, clinical practice and in the medical supplier industries. It is designed to resolve the challenges posed by the provision of remote services for use in medical research and clinical settings, including pre-operative planning and near real-time surgical support.

The GEMSS middleware provides end-to-end security and quality-of-service support linked to service negotiation. It is compatible with existing Grid and Web technologies, making it suitable for integration into general computing environments.

The GEMSS project, successfully demonstrated computational Grid services deployed on systems located at CCRLE in St. Augustin (near Bonn, Germany) and University Vienna and used by project partners from Austria, Germany, Ireland and the U.K.

The test-bed included medical applications from multiple areas of medical research (e.g. analysis of inhaled drug delivery); advanced medical imaging (e.g. improved accuracy 3D image reconstruction) and tools for surgical planning (e.g. maxillo-facial reconstruction and neuro-surgery). In the latter area, CCRLE developed a tool-chain (built around a parallel Finite Element code) for the support of maxillo-facial surgical planning, in collaboration with the Max-Planck-Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences (MPI) and Dr. Thomas Hierl’s group at the department of Oral and maxillo-facial surgery, University clinics Leipzig.

CCRLE has extended the tool’s graphical components to provide 3D representation using NEC Display Solutions monitors enhanced with the 3D technology from X3D Technologies.

The service-oriented approach adopted by GEMSS is not restricted to a specific applications sector. This has been highlighted in ongoing work performed within the EU funded project NextGRID: the GEMSS middleware has been deployed for the initial investigations into requirements for providing extra-enterprise computational services in the financial sector. The specific studies target computationally intensive calculations for option pricing (in particular for the pricing of complex derivatives) and for portfolio optimisation.

The GEMSS middleware was developed jointly by CCRLE; IT Innovation from the University of Southampton, UK and the Institute of Scientific Computing at the University of Vienna.

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