General-purpose 1D-3D CFD simulation software solution debuts -

General-purpose 1D-3D CFD simulation software solution debuts

Mentor Graphics has announced what is says is the first unique general-purpose software solution that combines 1D and 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This package provides a tight coupling of 1D and 3D software technologies engineered to work natively together with integrated source code. The solution is based on 1D Flowmaster®, recently acquired by Mentor Graphics, and 3D FloEFD™ Concurrent CFD. The new combination is the first result from the merged technologies made possible by the recent acquisition of Flowmaster—enabling customers to further speed up the design process while ensuring accurate upfront systems analysis based on fluid flow and heat transfer data by using 3D simulation at the component level.

Systems engineers commonly use 1D and 3D CFD software in the automotive, aerospace, oil, gas, power and energy industries. For designing complex systems, 3D CFD would be extremely accurate but it can be computationally expensive depending on the size of the models used. Therefore, 1D CFD is used, which is faster, but it may require significant amounts of data to characterize the components accurately. To facilitate 1D CFD systems analysis, data is needed to describe the component. Until now, the process to achieve a high level of design accuracy has been tedious and based on assumptions.

This tightly-coupled, general purpose 1D-3D CFD simulation software combination characterizes the more complex components of the system in 3D and inserts those component characteristics into the 1D system-level models for simulation. This approach provides higher accuracy for the components while minimizing the computational resources and execution times at the system level. As part of Mentor's strategy of virtual prototyping analysis early and throughout the design process, this technology now enables systems engineers to examine more variables across a wider range of design scenarios and more readily achieve optimal system and component design.

“Mentor is delivering a very innovative solution for fluid and thermal system simulation,” noted Keith Meintjes, practice manager for Simulation and Analysis at CIMdata.

The Mentor Graphics 1D-3D product line will be available for shipping the second half of the year. For product details, visit the company website: , and view an explanatory video here.


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