Generic SPI bus infrastructure donated for eCos use -

Generic SPI bus infrastructure donated for eCos use

CAMBRIDGE, England — eCosCentric, a RedBoot and eCos specialist, has contributed a generic SPI bus infrastructure from its eCosPro product line to the public eCos project.

Support for the serial peripheral interface bus has been designed into eCosPro for a number of custom board ports that eCosCentric has been contracted to support. A range of external peripherals are typically used in conjunction with SPI, such as removable MultiMediaCards, real-time clocks, analogue-to-digital converters and EEPROMs.

The contribution of the generic SPI bus infrastructure includes target source code and detailed documentation, packaged using the component description language that enables the unique level of highly granular configurability found in eCos.

The acceptance by the eCos Maintainers, will enable developers to build support for esoteric SPI peripherals using a unified application programming interface.

eCos is a royalty-free open source runtime system. It is not Linux nor is it a derivative of Linux. It is a real-time kernel with a highly portable HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) and numerous components, such as a TCP/IP stack, Flash File System, µItron and POSIX compatibility layers and numerous device drivers.

The copyright for eCos and RedBoot code is owned by Red Hat, eCosCentric and the eCos maintainers. The eCos maintainers and eCosCentric have committed to contribute the copyright of the code they own within the public version of eCos, as well as any assignments to eCosCentric, to the Free Software Foundation (FSF). Red Hat has also committed to contributing its copyrights to the FSF but have not done so.

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