GenId offers true zero latency RTOS for Microchip MCUs -

GenId offers true zero latency RTOS for Microchip MCUs

GenId's NanoScale RTOS implements a segmented interrupt architecture, enabling dual mode behavior and true zero latency for interrupt management. NanoScale also supports deterministic memory allocation mechanisms for both flexible and efficient programming. This RTOS has been designed by taking into account the limited resources of microcontrollers. It is a high-performance RTOS optimized for high speed achievement, along with minimum memory consumption.

A True Zero Latency RTOS like NanoScale provides enhanced mechanisms to allow ISR to interact with the kernel API while never disabling any interrupt. This is achieved through a segmented architecture that gives you the best of two worlds: it is possible to achieve very high interrupt rates without losing any interrupt, while interrupt handlers can still interact with most of the kernel features. As a result, an application built with NanoScale is both fast, predictable and flexible.

NanoScale comes with a free IPv4 stack that is fully integrated in the RTOS architecture. This IPv4 stack relies on dedicated MAC drivers that can be easily enhanced or developped by the user. It is a high-performance library developped especially for speed and low footprint usage.

This library is intended to provide an easy to use IP v4 stack, allowing to connect your embedded solution to the world. This library relies on NanoScale RTOS and on interruption mechanisms in order to provide a fully asynchronous programming interface. The protocols currently supported are ARP, IP, UDP, TCP, DHCP-client, SNTP-client and DNS-client.

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