Germany and UK driving RFID market to $1billion -

Germany and UK driving RFID market to $1billion


LONDON — Western European revenues for RFID are set to reach $1.1billion by 2007 according to a report from Juniper Research, with Germany and the UK between them accounting for 40% of the market.

The main application will be in the supply chain and logistics sector, where RFID will be used to increase efficiencies from producer to retailer. In the retail market success for RFID will come from niche applications such as the library sector, and within mass transportation.

The report also says that the agreement to use standards such as EPC Gen-2 is key to developing the market beyond today?s limited trials and that companies operating in the supply chain should look to implement a mobility solution comprising a hybrid of RFID technology plus a mobile element such as GPS or GSM.

As well Germany and the UK providing the growth markets other significant developments taking place in the Netherlands, Denmark and Switzerland. To date most trials have been in-house or between two trading partners, but as technology standards develop so businesses will have the confidence to deploy it more widely across their supply chains.

Opportunities exist for those companies with experience of implementing mobility solutions and business process re-engineering tooffer assistance in implementing RFID.

The report also identifies the key strategic issues associated with RFID implementations, and provides market forecasts with in Western Europe up to 2009.

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