GE's new 3U VPX SBC delivers higher performance -

GE’s new 3U VPX SBC delivers higher performance

The SBC346 Rugged 3U VPX Single Board Computer from GE Intelligent Platforms is based on 4th Generation Intel Core i7 (‘Haswell’) quad core technology, and offers significantly higher levels of performance than its predecessor while maintaining the same SWaP (size, weight and power) characteristics.

Typical applications for the SBC346 include command and control, ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), radar/sonar, EW (electronic warfare) and signal processing in confined environments such as unmanned vehicles. It is available in five build levels, from air-cooled for benign environments to fully rugged conduction-cooled for deployment in the harshest, most demanding environments.

The SBC346 takes full advantage of up to 15% higher CPU processing speeds, 30% higher 3D performance (compared to 3rd generation Core i7 technology), higher bandwidth connectivity and enriched security and responsiveness with new Intel AES instructions.

Notably, the SBC346 offers a x16 PCI Express link (Gen3-capable) for maximum bandwidth to high performance peripherals such as GPGPUs, or for multiple high bandwidth links to multiple peripherals using a combination of x4 and x8 PCI Express ports

The SBC346 is also pin-compatible with the PCI Express and I/O configuration of earlier 3U VPX single board computers from GE, in line with the company’s commitment to maximizing the long term value of customer investments, making it a straightforward, cost-effective upgrade/technology insertion opportunity for programs needing increased processing power without impacting the SWaP envelope.

Up to 16GBytes of memory is supported by the SBC346. I/O includes up to three Gigabit Ethernet ports; a VGA port; two SATA 6 Gb/s ports; two COM ports; up to three USB 2.0 ports; audio (on some build variants); and up to eight GPIO pins.

A rich software choice is available for the SBC346, including comprehensive Deployed Test Software (Built-In Test and Background Condition Screening) and AXIS (GE’s Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software development environment), as well as support for Windows 7, Open Linux, Wind River Linux, VxWorks.

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