Get a 3X experience at ESC in Boston -

Get a 3X experience at ESC in Boston

We've made it easy for you to quickly find the precise embedded information you're looking for.

In just a few weeks, assuming you're reading this column before it's stale, we'll be convening in Boston for the annual East Coast version of the Embedded Systems Conference. This year, in addition to an expanded ESC program, we've added two events under the same roof–SD Best Practices Conference and RFID World: Boston.

These are two events that are likely to have some impact on your livelihood. I suggest you check them out, either live in Boston or after the fact on

Speaking of, you may have noticed that we redesigned the site. Most likely you've already used the redesigned site, because we launched it a few weeks ago.

You may be wondering why we redesigned the site. First and foremost, is the portal into everything embedded–at least from our (and hopefully your) perspective. This includes being the gateway into all the Embedded Systems Conferences. But most importantly, if you're looking for specific design information or want to hear what one of our esteemed columnists has to say, is the place to be.

We know why the majority of readers come to–it's to read the design articles or one of the columns written by people like Jack Ganssle, Dan Saks, or Jack Crenshaw. So, we've made it easy for you to find that information. Design articles and columns are what you'll see when you first come to the home page. You can also see what others are reading (and enjoying), thanks to our “Most Popular” and “Highest Rated” articles boxes. You'll also encounter a more efficient method to leave feedback for the authors and columnists.

The other significant feature you'll see is an improved search bar. That's because we know that you're often searching for a particular column or design article. You'll also find a host of Tear Down articles, ESC papers, Webinars, courses, and much more on the new site. In fact, you can even download a course from one of our events by going to the Embedded-on-Demand section.

As with most new software, there could be a few hiccups along the way. So if you encounter any problems, please let me know. Also, if you find things you want added to the site, if it's possible, we'll add them.

As I stressed from Day 1 on this job, it's your site. I'm just the caretaker.

P.S. There's a spot on for a guest column. If you've got a burning issue you want to share with your Embedded brethren, send it along and I'll post it.

Richard Nass is editor in chief of Embedded Systems Design magazine. He can be reached at .

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