Get beyond the resource constraints of embedded devices -

Get beyond the resource constraints of embedded devices

Nabto, a Danish company, has delivered a technology that solves a key challenge facing the embedded developers: the typical resource restrained nature of embedded devices wasn't designed for Web technology. Reaching a device equipped with low memory and a tiny CPU behind a firewall, while also enabling the embedded software to serve and transmit large graphics files and render HTML to a browser, is costly and difficult.

Through a patent-pending fusion of HTTP and VoIP technologies, the technology enables embedded processors with a footprint as low as 953 bytes to render data in a full-blown HTML graphical user interface accessed directly from any browser.

At the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC), taking place in San Jose April 26-29, Nabto will showcase its low-footprint technology in a web server with an IPstack+firewall traversal as low as 953 bytes. The technology will render device data in a full graphical user interface directly in a regular browser accessed from either a mobile or laptop platform.

A free consumer version of Nabto's browser plug-in is available at

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