Get credits from UCSD when you attend ESC -

Get credits from UCSD when you attend ESC

Engineers attending embedded computing conferences from Boston to Bangalore, India to Silicon Valley can earn university continuing education credits through an innovative global partnership between the UC San Diego Extension and TechInsights, owners of and the global Embedded Systems Conference (ESC).

Units earned at ESC count towards elective credit for the Embedded Computer Engineering Professional Certificate and the specialized Embedded Computer Software Certificate from UC San Diego Extension. Up to six credit units are allowed. Enrollees from around the world can finish the certificates by taking the balance of the courses online.

The partnership began in September 2007, at ESC Boston. Conference attendees from 35 countries had their choice of more than 100 training sessions, courses, and seminars covering methodologies, processes, and techniques fundamental for engineers developing embedded computing systems. More than 40,000 decision makers attend the various Embedded Systems Conferences each year in Boston, Silicon Valley, and Bangalore, India.

An embedded system is a special-purpose computer system designed to perform a dedicated function. Such systems vary in size from portable devices such as digital watches and MP3 players, to large stationary installations like traffic lights, factory controllers, or the systems controlling nuclear power plants.Unlike a general-purpose computer, such as a PC, an embedded system performs one or a few pre-defined tasks. Because the system is dedicated to specific tasks, engineers can optimize the design, reducing the size and cost of the product.

The core curriculum of the Embedded Computer Engineering Professional Certificate covers the fundamentals of real-time embedded systems, controller design and programming, real-time operating systems, and hardware/software interfacing. The hands-on courses combine lecture, discussions of actual student applications and a class project. The program electives allow the student to complement the core course of study with classes most appropriate to their personal job requirements and career advancement.

The Embedded Computer Software Certificate was launched because the expanding application of embedded computers has created a demand for the skill required to program these systems. Programming embedded systems requires skills that differ significantly from those required for writing applications for use in the desktop PC environment.

Opportunities in embedded system programming will continue to expand rapidly, as processors are embedded in wide range of products. The certificate focuses on acquiring the skills necessary to develop embedded systems. Subjects include embedded controller software development and underlying hardware aspects of embedded computing systems.

Extension's embedded computing and software programs undergo an extensive review and approval process by UC San Diego's renowned Jacobs School of Engineering prior to offering credit's to attendees, adding world-class academic rigor to the technical content.

The Jacobs School of Engineering, ranked third in the nation for research expenditures per faculty member by U.S. News and World Report, is one of the reasons why the National Research Council ranks UC San Diego tenth in the nation in the quality of its faculty and graduate programs (The top ten, in rank order, are: UC Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, CalTech, Yale, Chicago, Cornell, UC San Diego).

Embedded conference attendees can earn credits for topics such as Real Time Operating Systems, Principles of Safety-Critical Systems Design, Crafting Embedded Systems in C++, Mobile Networks, Multi-core and Multi-Threaded Processors, Power Management, and Wireless Communications.

Donald Muehlbach, B.S., M.S., is a PhD candidate in Education. He also holds a UC San Diego Professional Certificate in Systems Engineering, and has been the Director of Technology at UC San Diego Extension since 2003. He is also a USN (reserve component) Engineering Duty Officer Captain. In that capacity, he serves as Commanding Officer of a San Diego based engineering unit. Previously, he was a senior systems engineer at SAIC for 20 years. He can be reached at .

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