Get up close with Bridget -

Get up close with Bridget

There is an exciting opportunity coming up to meet team members from the ExoMars program who will demonstrate the flexibility and manoeuvrability of the Mars Rover Design, its traction, suspension and steering. Bridget is the development version of the first European Mars rover. Bridget is being developed by Astrium under an ESA-NASA cooperation program.
Astrium in the UK is taking the lead in developing the rover vehicle. The rover’s primary task will be to search for evidence of life, past or present, beneath the surface of the Red Planet. It will also collect data to identify potential risk factors for future manned missions, determine water distribution on Mars, and analyze the chemical composition of the planet’s surface.
The ExoMars program will see two missions travel to Mars in a joint ESA–NASA undertaking. In 2016 an ESA-led mission will consist of an orbiter to study methane and trace gases in the Martian atmosphere and an Entry, Descent and Landing Demonstrator Module (EDM) to test key technologies for future missions.
In 2018 a NASA-led mission will carry two rovers to Mars, one from NASA and the other from ESA. The rovers will travel together in the same aeroshell to land at the same destination on Mars.
Astrium is developing this first European Mars rover and it will demonstrate flight and in-situ qualification of key exploration enabling technologies to support the European ambitions for future robotic and human exploration missions. The main technology demonstration objectives are:
• Entry, Descent and Landing (EDL) of a large payload on the surface of Mars,
• surface mobility using a rover with a mobility range of several kilometres,
• access to sub-surface using a drill to acquire samples at depths of down to two metres,
• autonomous navigation using stereo cameras to map a 3D image of the surrounding terrain,
• automatic sample preparation and distribution for analyses of scientific experiments.
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