Get your multimedia feature phones to market quickly -

Get your multimedia feature phones to market quickly


TTPCom and Analog Devices announced the availability of multimedia software and user applications pre-integrated with GSM/GPRS protocol stack software for multimedia feature phones based on Analog Devices' SoftFone chip sets. Multimedia features like MPEG4/H.263 video encode/decode, multi-megapixel still-image capture, MP3/AAC audio playback, and polyphonic MIDI ringtone software are integrated with the protocol stack and validated on reference platforms. The end goal is to accelerate the development of handsets targeting the mid- and high-end multimedia feature phone market.

The SoftFone chip sets supported by TTPCom's software include the AD6900 and AD6758 digital baseband processors intended for EDGE and GPRS applications.

Complete reference platforms are available from Analog Devices to support handset development, with the TTPCom pre-integrated software packages optimized, tested, and validated. The software packages are fully integrated with the TTPCom AJAR Platform. More information can be found on TTPCom's website at

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