Getting down and dirty with robots -

Getting down and dirty with robots


Developing robotics applications is a mixture of electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering, and software design. Ever wanted to get your hands 'dirty' then a workshop which will provide an introduction and background to a 'live experience' might be for you.

It features sessions in which teams of 'roboteers' can explore the design, construction and implementation of robots that can search and explore their environment. The Live 'Roboteer' takes place on Wednesday, 20 October on the exhibition show floor of Embedded Live in London.

Andrew Eliasz of First Technology Transfer will demonstrate how actual robots are constructed and programmed will demonstrate the challenges that need to be met in building real world robot applications. These examples will also be viewed in the context of setting goals and challenges in a teaching environment so as to develop integrated “mechatronic problem solving” skills.

The presentation will concentrate on the VEX Robotics’  VEX Pro kit, using an ARM9 based controller which runs Linux (the TerkOS port of Linux and its associated user space API).

The Terkos API will be discussed in reasonable depth and used to illustrate the kinds of issues that need to be tackled when developing APIs which facilitate the implementation and prototyping of Robotics applications, especially in a teaching and experimental research context.

The final part of the presentation will compare and contrast the Terkos approach with more complex robotic application development frameworks such as URBI.

Embedded Programming for Robotics Applications

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