Getting FAST about Android software testing -

Getting FAST about Android software testing


Alameda, Ca. – Wind River has just made available its Framework for Automated Software Testing (FAST) for Android, an automated software testing solution for Android-based devices.

According to Michael Krutz, vice president of worldwide solutions and services at Wind River, FAST was designed so that it could be customized for leading silicon architectures, across any device manufacturer or operator in need of testing Android software stacks.

The aim of the test solution, he said, is to streamline and automate the software testing process, reduce the time and cost to develop Android devices, help to improve software quality and stability, and help users verify and prove compliance with Android Compatibility Test Suite, or CTS.

FAST is designed to automate the thousands of heterogeneous tests and then consolidating the results into a single uniform database, easily accessible using virtually any reporting tool.

Krutz said this would allow device manufacturers to instead focus efforts and resources on critical issues such as developing unique features that differentiate their mobile devices from the competition and verifying Android compliancy, instead of spending a majority of their development time on testing.

“By taking advantage of a reliable, commercial-quality test solution,” said Krutz, ”customers can avoid the unpredictability associated with delivering products based on open source software, and save on cost and engineering effort by automating lengthy processes and large scale test result management and analysis.”

He said FAST is the end result of an investment in authoring thousands of tests that span a wide range of categories including device performance such as graphics and boot-time, interoperability such as for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, telephony and board support package tests, as well as many other test categories. Its test library provides broad coverage of tested code from low level, middleware and up to the application level.

In addition to supporting Android testing, Krutz said the company is using its expertise in other mobile and automotive infotainment Linux platforms such as MeeGo and GENIVI to look into extending Wind River FAST to those areas.

Wind River FAST is now available for evaluation to customers worldwide. Additional information about Wind River FAST is available at To view the software in action go to the video on YouTube. To learn more, go to

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