Getting in touch with sensors in your designs -

Getting in touch with sensors in your designs

Three recent events have changed the complexion of embedded systems design in fundamental ways, opening up significant opportunities – and challenges – to the prepared developer and engineer as it relates to sensor design.

One is the emergence of new touch sensor-based user interfaces. The second as been the emergence of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) in a variety of embedded and mobile designs. The third is the proliferation of machine-to-machine wireless sensor networks based on today's WiFi and Zigbee technologies as well as new methods based on the 6LoWPAN extension of IPv6.

Tools, techniques, and training for developers who want to be a part of this new multi-faceted sensor design revolution are front and center at the Sensors In Design Summitat the ESC DESIGN West March 26-29 in San Jose, Ca, with 16 classes and four tracks on sensor applications, MEMS, smart sensing, and operation in harsh environments.

A number of recent design articles, webinars, white papers, product and news stories complement what is offered at the ESC Summit. Of these, my Editor's Top Picks are:

Build wireless sensor networks for M2M & IoT embedded apps ,” a four part series this week that goes into detail on the wireless and sensor protocols and building blocks necessary for leading edge designs.
The challenges of multi-touch gesture interfaces
Selecting a wireless sensor development platform
Choosing sensors: specsmanship versus reality
MEMS sensors: when GPS is not enough

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