GHS micro-velOSity ported to ARC 600, ARC Sound Subsystem -

GHS micro-velOSity ported to ARC 600, ARC Sound Subsystem


Santa Barbara, Ca. – Green Hills Software's ¼-velOSityRTOS  has been ported to the ARC 600 Core Family of configurablecores and the ARC Sound Subsystem.

It has a ROM footprint as small as 2K bytes, RAM footprint as small as1K bytes, and service call times as low as 30 cycles. The RTOS issupported by the MULTI integrated development environment'skernel-aware debugging and project creation wizard. To minimize itsfootprint, the Green Hill tool chain automatically configuresmicro-velOSity to include only the services used by the applications. <>

Available now, micro-velOSity, is provided by Green Hills with the completekernel source code without any  charge per-unit royalties for theOS. micro-velOSity is also available for other microprocessor families,including ARM, PowerPC, ColdFire, MIPS, V850, and Blackfin.

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