GlobalFoundries, Cyclos speed Cortex-A15 with resonant clocking -

GlobalFoundries, Cyclos speed Cortex-A15 with resonant clocking


Working with Cyclos Semiconductor  (inventor of resonant clock mesh technology), GlobalFoundries  is planning to implement RCM on ARM Cortex-A15 designs using its 28nm HKMG CMOS process.

The aim in using the resonant clock technology is to boost clock-speeds of appropriate chips without increasing power consumption.

Cyclos RCM IP reduces the power consumed in clock meshes, the clock distribution networks that have been used in high-performance processors for years.

Cyclos makes us of on-chip inductors to create an electric pendulum, or “tank circuit,” formed by the large capacitance of the clock mesh and the Cyclos inductors.

The Cyclos inductors and clock control circuits “recycle” clock power instead of dissipating it on every clock cycle like in a conventional clock network implementation, which results in a reduction in total IC power consumption.

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